Top lock locksmith

Top lock locksmith is reliable when it comes to providing security options for your home or company. The security of our loved ones and our possessions is the single most important element in determining our standard of living. We put in extra effort to make sure you can get any security help you may want. We take pride in the exceptional quality of our offerings and the good responses we always get from our customers. This is why our services are backed by a 12-month guarantee. According to recent research, doors are the most frequent site of entrance for burglars. By default, “Yale” locks are used, which need a key or knob on the inside to release a bolt from the door jamb.  These locks are ubiquitous, however the keeper (bolt) is usually held by just two or three screws, making them easy to break into. Mortise locks, on the other hand, are much more reliable since the bolt is secured into the door frame rather than using screws. These doors lock themselves and need a key to unlock, making it impossible for intruders to smash the glass panel and open the door from the inside.  Modern aluminum or PVC doors often use this secure lock, which consists of a central locking mechanism flanked by two additional bolts that extend into the door jambs at the top and bottom.  If your windows don’t have locks and are large enough for someone to climb through, you should get some.

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